Augmenting the Capacity and Accelerating the Growth of Your Organization

Bringing Together the Best Security and IAM Talent

Idnor has deep experience in mapping the right talent, at the right price. Our staff augmentation services provide the flexibility to acquire highly skilled enterprise application talent on-demand, without the costs of retaining these professionals full-time and without the risk of making hiring mistakes.

Technology leaders realize the need for talent fluctuates based on business cycles, changing technology, changes in the organization and many such related factors. Leaders collaborate with Idnor and our established talent network, instead of diverting their own time and resources away from their core business. Idnor teams have largely contributed to greater productivity, lower costs, better speed and up-skill requirements for a number of local and global clients.

Our Staff Augmentation Services

We offer a menu full of service options and models. We can serve a complete range of enterprise application staffing needs across a broad spectrum of technologies and vertical industries to meet aggressive project timelines, whether:

Idnor is a multipurpose and easy outsourcing option. While Idnor focuses on staff augmentation, our full-service focus is on becoming your strategic enterprise security consulting partner. That means that because you are our staff augmentation client you can easily transition into an outsourcing relationship if your needs change with a partner who already knows you. That implies faster time-to-value, less project risk, and lower costs.

We have a deep and qualified talent pool. Idnor has a well-earned reputation among enterprise IAM, Cloud and Security consultants that helps us attract the best. The talented consultants would rather work for us (and our clients) because they know we treat them fairly, we better match assignments with their skills and interests and we are better at keeping a steady flow of exciting work rolling in.

Why Opt for Our Staff Augmentation Services?

High-quality Resources
We provide great access to a wide talent pool of security professionals to select from.
Higher Productivity
We focus on dedicated projects with higher levels of motivation and dedication.
We provide complete flexibility to scale up or down as per the project requirements.
We believe in transparency with our clients and provide full access to the entire project during all the stages of development.
Huge Cost Savings
Cost optimizations through on-demand staffing. Hiring costs, onboarding costs and training costs are saved.
No Setup or Maintenance Costs
We focus on dedicated projects with higher levels of motivation and dedication.
Saves Recruitment Time
Considerably reduces the time spent on the recruitment process.
No Geographical Limitations
We have worked with many leading players from different verticals helping them find the right talent globally.

Hiring Model

Dedicated Team


In the case of large projects, Idnor provides your organisation with a team of expert industry professionals that work full-time for the success of your company. The pricing for this service is transparent with no hidden costs whatsoever.

Individual Resources


With Idnor, you get a full-time dedicated expert who assists you with excellent project management. This specialist professional also takes care of remote team augmentation for your organisation.

Project Outsource

Let our experts take over the reins of your project so that you can look after the other aspects of your business in a stress-free manner. The pricing for this service is completely transparent and we charge you on the successful completion of project milestones. 

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