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Idnor delivers exceptional value and helps you grow by providing a number of technology services that perfectly fit your business needs. May it be specialised security operations for protection from cyber attacks or access to the best resources to get your work done, Idnor is your go-to choice for all. With the provision of world-class managed services and support, we ensure that there are no roadblocks to the growth of your business. Overcome obstacles and help your business thrive with the following services:

Identity and Access Governance
In today’s digital age, keeping your digital assets safe and secure is of utmost importance. Idnor offers a wide range of IAG services to meet the particular security and business needs of clients. Our team of qualified IAG experts help businesses in ensuring compliance while reducing the risk of data breaches.

IAM Operations, Managed Services and Support

Monitoring, supporting and developing your identity security platform is one of the most significant prerequisites to maintaining business continuity and productivity. Idnor does this for you to ensure that your business does not face any major issues in terms of security and performance.

Cyber Staff Augmentation

Get the right talent at the right time to propel the growth of your organization with Idnor’s Cyber Staff Augmentation service. With Idnor’s huge and qualified talent pool, you can acquire highly skilled and experienced professionals on-demand, without the hassles of hiring or retaining those talents.
Security Architecture Assessment
Keeping your IAM platform protected from potential threats is vitally necessary for every business. We stay up-to-date and incorporate the most advanced practices to deliver the best outcomes for you. Our strategy-driven and results-focused approach helps businesses in creating a long-term security plan and safeguard their critical data.

Cyber Strategy

Outsource your security responsibilities to us and we will take complete care of round-the-clock network monitoring to detect and eliminate potential threats. We carry out a 360-degree analysis to identify vulnerabilities in order to provide apt remedial measures. Employ effective cyber strategies and enhance your cyber security landscape with Idnor.

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