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Idnor is founded by passionate and talented executives having 40+ years of industry and managed services experience in big consulting firms. We possess many years of global and local expertise and experience in designing and building large-scale Identity Management solutions. Through this service, we help companies enable their employees to be more productive, whilst addressing the challenges involved in protecting company information.

We utilize a proven process, and are home to 100+ employees, with over 10+ years of technical and IAM expertise. We view our clients as an extension of our organization, and they do too. In addition, the company’s strategic partnerships with leading international technology companies give it access to leading technology capabilities.

Our team is at the top of its game and we are committed to keeping ourselves there. We heavily invest in training and resources to maintain the highest level of certification for deployment and support of all the leading technology stacks.

Our Core Focus

We Protect Your Business By Preventing Incidents that Can be Detrimental to Your Business Growth

Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) or Identity & Access Management (IAM)


Privileged Access Management (PAM)


Governance Risk and Controls (GRC)

Our purpose:
Delivering innovation that matters
Our vision:
To be a highly differentiated technology solutions provider

Why Idnor?

Idnor is a team of consultants with over many years of experience in the development and implementation of IT solutions that support businesses. Our key goal is to assist customers in effective enterprise management which complies with security standards and requirements. First and foremost, our collaboration with companies takes the form of partnership. We attentively listen to their needs, analyse the current situation and learn about the business context as well as expectations in terms of technology. It is only when we have all the necessary information that we suggest suitable services and products.

Complete IAM-focused solution offering
A repeatable approach tailored to client requirements
100+ trusted and independent IAM strategic advisors and delivery experts
Access to a collaborative team of IAM specialists
Dedicated centers of excellence for leading IAM vendors
Certifications for multiple vendor products (product agnostic)
On-shore, local and onsite team
Deep product knowledge with over 40 years of experience
Rapid deployment with high-quality results


Values drive us. Idnor was founded with a vision to provide premier ERP professional services with quality and integrity. We make sure that the work is done properly, and on time, and that conversations between all parties are clear, straightforward and transparent. Values matter because during complex ERP projects, “life” happens. No matter if a critical resource goes missing, an unexpected technical issue surfaces, a business requirement is misunderstood, or other roadblocks occur, Idnor’s values make a difference as to what happens next. Our problem-solving approach makes sure that the project is completed despite all setbacks. We believe in walking the walk and not just talking the talk. We deliver!

Idnor Core Values

Integrity Above All
Nothing else matters if people don’t trust you. Trust and transparency are two major components of our value system. We deliver what we promise and keep customers informed all the way through the project.
People First
While clients are our priority, we also believe our internal customers, contractors and employees are equally important. In this competitive and dynamic market, it is important to treat people well.
Exceptional Quality
The quality of our work is the ultimate proof of our value. Does the product meet performance specs? What about business objectives? Does it contain the specified features and functionality? Is it reliable? Is the technology up to date? Are users happy and productive?
Don’t Cut Corners
Efficiency is a virtue, but not at the cost of compromising values. We would rather pass on a project than low-ball a quote just to get business we knew could not be adequately supported. We do not undercut ourselves with false promises or shortcuts.
Manage by Objective
It’s the same for companies, projects and people. Achieving great results requires visualizing what we want to achieve. We have clearly defined objectives in our work life and on client projects for which we hold ourselves and each other accountable.

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