Bolster Protection of Your Sensitive Data With Our SOC-as-a-Service Offering

Security Operation Centre as a Service

Idnor’s team of experts with over 12+ years of cybersecurity and IAM experience analyze your current organization infrastructure, data and application layer, help you build your strategy, test your capabilities, and advance your team. The increasing cybersecurity talent shortage is making it difficult and expensive to attract and retain skilled personnel.

Idnor’s SOC-as-a-Service offerings allow an organization to outsource their security responsibilities to a third-party provider. Instead of manning a full-service SOC in-house, the SOC-as-a-Service provider takes responsibility for the round-the-clock network monitoring and defence required to protect against modern cyber threats.

Benefits of hiring Idnor for SOC as a Service:​

Improved Security Staffing
Access to Specialized Security Expertise
Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Increased Security Maturity
Up-to-Date Security
Managed Security Operations Centre Services
24/7/365 Support

Continuous Coverage to Maximize Your Fortinet Investments

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Security Automation
SOC Augmentation

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