Multi-Factor Authentication

Add an additional protection layer to your data and system security
MFA stands for multi-factor authentication, an identity verification method. MFA adds an extra layer of security on top of credentials like usernames and passwords. This provides an organization with greater certainty that a user is whom they claim to be before granting them access to an application, online account, or corporate network.

MFA is a critical component of identity and access management (IAM). It helps minimize risks such as account takeover attacks, compromised personal data, and subsequent credential stuffing attacks. In this post, we’ll describe how modern MFA does this, discuss the various types of multi-factor authentication that are available, and look at what’s next for MFA technology.

Types of multi-factor authentication

factors include PINs, passwords, or the answers to security questions.
factors include key fobs, mobile phones, and credit cards, among other physical tokens. Since these objects store or receive login credentials, they are more secure than knowledge- based factors. For example, SMS authentication sends an MFA code or one-time password (OTP) to a user’s mobile device.
Inherence (or biometric)
factors offer the highest level of assurance because they’re unique to each user: think fingerprints, facial features, voice characteristics, and behaviors.

We offer multi- factor authentication solutions that have the following:

End-user experience:

Create a simple and flexible experience for end users

Admin experience:

Make it easy for admins to deploy multiple factor types

Extensive access:

Provide seamless access to employees, partners, contractors, and customers

Comprehensive implementation:

Can be implemented across various resources (not just critical apps)

Benefits of Multi-Factor Authentication

Idnor help you move beyond username and password!
One step closer to more secure you!​

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