Transforming your IAM program to meet business objectives and IT goals

Idnor provides you with a designated point of contact, backed by an experienced identity governance solution team, to offer guaranteed ongoing support and maintenance of your company’s identity infrastructure.

"IAM solves all things secure access; Idnor solves all things IAM"

Your Core Team's Extended Arm Idnor provides the expert hands you needed to monitor, support and develop your identity security platform. Whether working with existing, new, or hybrid systems, our Managed Service team provides complete peace of mind about the security and efficiency of your technology. Empower your team to be their most productive and do their best work — both for themselves and for your business.

360 - Degree IAM Support and Managed Services

Identity Governance

Risk-based certifications and access reviews; role- and attribute-based access controls (RBAC/ABAC);
segregation of duties policy and protocols.

Privileged Access Management

Leveraging and investing in technology is essential to running an efficient enterprise that can increase
shareholder value and ensure funding for future investments.

Authentication and Access Management

Single sign-on; multi-factor authentication; situationally and contextually based access control;
enterprise access policy; customer IAM.

IAM Advisory

IAM assessment, strategy, roadmap, and program strategy alignment; IAM steering committee design;
metrics and KPIs; solution optimization; technology selection.

Identity Data

Directory services (AD/Azure AD, LDAP, database); authoritative sources (analysis, sanitization and
standardization); groups, profiles, roles, attributes (centralized, decentralized).

User Lifecycle Management

Joiner/mover/leaver policy and procedure; automated provisioning and deprovisioning; access request
and approval policy and workflow; third-party user lifecycle.

Why Idnor:

Team of Experienced developers and experts with 12+ experience

In-Depth knowledge of frameworks and mobile technologies

On – demand capacity to meet tight deadlines

Quality oriented work process

Timely delivery and cost-effective services

Recognized for developing high quality and robust mobile apps

Developing End-to-End Secure Projects

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