Cyber Staff Augmentation Solutions

Not sure where to begin on your journey toward security maturity? Or maybe you just had a breach and need immediate help? Idnor’s Professional Services offers a wide range of solutions for enterprise security and IAM management – no matter what size or level of maturity – we are there for you
We offer a menu full of service options and models. We can serve a complete range of enterprise application staffing needs across a broad spectrum of technologies and vertical industries to meet aggressive project timelines, whether:

Onsite or offsite

Strategic, functional or technical

IAM development, maintenance, management, or support

Idnor Core Values

Savings in recruitment, training and retaining.

Employ a pre-established offshore, highly qualified pool of resources to bridge necessary skill

Helps in the adaptation of global work culture. Easily scale up or down, in accordance with your

Idnor Hiring Model:

Dedicated Team

For large Projects
Evolutionary Enhancements
Full time dedicated set of resources
No Hidden Cost
Individual Resources
Full time Dedicated Member
For Remote team augmentation
Project Management handled by you
No Hidden Cost

Project Outsource

Pre-Defined Projects
Milestone based Payment
Project Management by Us
No Hidden Cost

Idnor’s Way of Doing:

Cyber Staff Augmentation Advantages:

High Quality Resources
High Productivity Levels



Huge Cost Savings

No Setup or Maintainance Cost

Saves Recruitment Time

No Geographical Limitations

We train your Team to stay up to date:

Through cyber workforce development, you can identify the skills you need, advance your team’s skillset, and set each employee on a defined career path that aligns with the organization’s goals.

Evolve your Cyber Workforce with Idnor

Work With Us:

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